Take a Break – Fun Things to Do in San Marcos


Fun Things to Do in San Marcos Research shows that regular breaks in your study routine can positively affect your attention abilities and performance. However, it isn’t just taking study breaks that matters but also what you do with those breaks. And don’t even get us started on the benefits of getting some fresh air. […]

How to Stay Healthy in College: Tips for Creating a Healthy Routine

Girl Sneezing

Wellness Tip for Students & Creating a Healthy Routine How to stay healthy in college is a bigger concern now than at any time in history, especially for students living in dorms. While university and school administrations have strict rules in place for interacting with others on campus and in the classroom, what you do […]

Ways to Beat Cabin Fever & Suggestions for Boredom

Bored Girl

How to Deal With Cabin Fever & Beat Boredom Does quarantine have you feeling trapped? Concerts are postponed, sporting events have been canceled, hot local spots have been shut down, and you’re trying to figure out how to deal with cabin fever and beat boredom. Well, while it’s important to stay safe during this pandemic, […]

Returning to College During The Pandemic


According to the New York Times, over 85 colleges have reported at least 1,000 cases throughout the pandemic, and over 680 colleges have reported at least 100 cases. During the initial “wave” of the virus, in order to reduce covid on college campuses, in-person opportunities were delayed, and students swiftly transitioned to virtual instruction to […]

Coping with Depression Around the Holidays

Sad Girl

For a time meant to be filled only with good cheer and high hopes for a new year, depression over the holidays is far too common, especially for students living on their own for the first time, far away from family and friends, and in the middle of the pandemic.  For most students, with the […]